Office 2016: Selective Installation

A while back I posted about the Office 2016 release and why I wasn’t going to run it. One of the biggest complaints I had was the fact that there were no setup options. It installs everything whether you use it or not. Fortunately that has now changed, sort of. This post is discussing the steps you can take to install only the apps you want to install. It still is not perfect, it still makes no sense whatsoever and it still doesn’t make me want to recommend Office 2016. But at least I can now run it without all the wasted space.

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Office 2016 Is Here!! Uninstalled…

When Office 2016 was released the other day I was both surprised and excited. Office 2013 has been around a while and I knew Office 2016 was in development but there was no pre-release warning, it just appeared. In the continual need to always be using the latest stuff I uninstalled Office 2013 and installed 2016. Then the problems began.

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