NuGet with Active Directory Support

In a previous article I discussed how to host a private NuGet repository.If you aren’t familiar with NuGet then please refer to that article. If you’re hosting a private gallery then chances are you’re on a network (probably an Active Directory one). One downside to hosting a private NuGet gallery is that it is tied to Forms authentication. For a public repository this makes sense but for a private one it would be better to have NuGet use Windows authentication. This article will discuss the changes that have to be made to the NuGet source to support Windows authentication. The changes are scattered but minor.

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Setting Up a Private NuGet Repository

These days most developers use NuGet to reference third-party dependencies like EntityFramework, Enterprise Library and NInject. A full discussion of NuGet is beyond this post. There are lots of articles on what it is, how to use it and how to package and publish to it so I’ll ignore all these things. But what about internal dependencies like shared libraries used by company applications? It turns out you can host your own private NuGet repository as well. Visual Studio is already set up to support this. The hard part is getting the repository set up. At my company we’ve been running a local NuGet repository for a year and it works great, for the most part. We have a company policy that all dependencies must be stored in NuGet. This pretty much eliminates versioning issues, sharing code across projects and storing binaries in source control. In this post I’m going to go over the steps to set up a private NuGet repository. Others have posted on this topic and there is some documentation available but unfortunately it is out of date.

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