Writing a Context Provider for CodeRush for Roslyn

Several years ago I wrote an article about creating a custom context provider for CodeRush. In that time CodeRush Classic, as it is called, has been replaced by CodeRush for Roslyn which relies on Roslyn. Now seems like a good time to update the provider. Rather than having to read both articles I’m going to repost the old article with updated changes for Roslyn. The code is semantically similar but had to be rewritten to use Roslyn.

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CodeRush – Writing a Context Provider

There are two types of developers in the world – those who use CodeRush and those who use ReSharper. I happen to be in the CodeRush (CR) group for various reasons. One of the benefits I really like about CR is its flexibility and the ability to easily define my own custom templates. A template in CR is like a smart code snippet. When you type a certain key combination in the right (configurable) context then what you type can be replaced by something else. In this post I’m going to discuss a simple context provider that can be used in CR templates.

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